Friday, October 3, 2008

Meet Mia

I'd like you to meet a sweet friend of mine. My sister, Megan, got me this little mama on a trip to Colorado a couple of years ago. Somehow it made her think of me, I guess.

I was inspired to share Mia today, after reading a new-found friend's blog. Her three beautiful daughters just can't get enough of her. Read here to find out why. A sweet, sweet story!

When I got Mia, I related with her entirely too well. She was saying "Oh my goodness, all these babies and they all want to nurse all the time!" Just like me! How well she portrayed just how I felt.

After awhile, I weaned my youngest boy. For the first time in six years, I was not breastfeeding. I was done. No more babies, no more nursing. I cried, I was so, so sad to have my babies all grown up. I have loved, loved, loved nursing my boys. Mia cried with me. "My babies, they're all growing up" Just like me.

These days, I have three lovely boys. They're not nursing, have mostly forgotten about those days.* However, they love to fight over me. They climb on me, in effort to be close. There never seems to be enough of me..they hollar "Mom, I want to sit by you! I want to sit on your lap. (Or in another case,) Can I sit on your head?" I look at Mia and she sighs with me. "Just never enough to go around, is there? Just like me.

*When I pulled Mia down from the shelf to take a photo of her, Peanut said "Look Mama, they're all crying because they all want dici (his word for mama's milk)." Peanut knows what a teeny boy wants.


DotBlogger said...

You've got such a way with expressing yourself. So beautiful.

Thanks for the mention.

Wish we lived closer! I guess I'll have to live our friendship vicariously through you-know-who.


Jenny Kay said...

I love, love, love Mia. I would keep an eye on her when I come over if I were you. She may very well find a new home at my house.