Friday, October 3, 2008

A Happy, happy Birthday

Long before the sun was in the sky, my sweet Little Critter curled up into my back and whispered a sweet "Happy Birthday, Mommy." And that's the way my day started. Happy.

I am so, so happy.

After I got up, I heard scurrying about downstairs. Knowing the boys were waiting on me, I came down (cleared my throat loudly). "Hurry! She's coming! Shhh!" I got downstairs, lights are out, no little boys in sight. Then Scooter flicked on the light and they all jumped out..."Surprise!!! Happy Birthday Mommy!"
Happy, yes.

Then I got some sweet cards;
This from Little Critter. Don't you love the hearts and balloons?

This from Scoot. He tried for 34 balloons but ran out of paper.

Another from Scooter, words of encouragement- much needed for every mama.

And finally a storm card from Eli. You'd never guess we've been studying weather at school :)

My friend, her sweet little ones and I then headed out a fabulous, caterpillar-bird-sighting hike at Smith Rocks.

When I got home, we rested up...and I got in a great and rare phone conversation with an old, sweet friend. I got so many fun well wishes from friends in town (even a fun little tribute) My sweet husband cooked up yummy steaks for dinner,then we were off to bowl for a little family party. That was, too great fun. My dad even treated the boys to a ride on the bumper cars. Who could ever ask for more?

Over all, it was a very, very happy birthday. I fell into bed by 9 pm, exhausted.

I have concluded that I don't mind growing another year older. That has everything to do with just how much I love my husband, my job, my family so much. I have seen a lot of life in my 34 years. Lost love, love, grief, birth, pain, adventure, adversity, friendships, and new life in the Redeeming Love of Jesus. I have a rich, lovely marriage. My home is full, I am blessed to be able to enjoy my 30's. Thank You, God.

My cup, O my cup overflows!


Cathy said...

I'm so glad it was good and "happy";) let's talk in person soon...about weekends:)

DotBlogger said...

What a blessed woman you are!