Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pet Peeves

Is today a good day to share a pet peeve?

I used to pride myself (back when I was running solo) in having absolutely no pet peeves. I was one could annoy me that much.

Nowadays, I can't even count the pet peeves lining up at the door to tromp in the house, muddy-ing up the floor and dropping hair every where they like.

Pet Peeve #1
My boys cannot pass something lying misplaced on the floor without kicking it. A shoe on the floor in your path? Kick it! A toy on the floor? Kick it. Books, even library books on the floor? We'll kick it!

Drives me insane. Even worse- when they kick a blanket or shirt on the floor...and then follow it and keep kicking it around, dragging around dust and whatever else might be on the floor.


Ok, I feel better.

Now, if you're thinking of asking me why there might be a book, a blanket, a pillow, a toy on my floor, you haven't been hanging over here nearly enough to see. You need no invitation, come by and hang out!

Your turn...what are your pet peeves?


Kristin said...

My biggest pet peeve lately is when a child gets a peanut butter spoon or put peanut butter on a plate and don't eat it all. They stick it in the sink for me to clean. I enjoy the taste of PB but do not, I repeat, DO NOT like rinsing PB of the dish or spoon. YUCK!!!! Oh yeah, I have lots too Amanda. Maybe it is because we are getting older and more impatient. I really don't know!

Amanda P said...


I've figured out that COLD water takes peanut butter off spoons so much better than hot water. :/ And you have four GET pet peeves. ;-)

DotBlogger said...

I love your pet peeve!

Hmmm.... my pet peeve...

when people don't use their turn signal!

Jenny Kay said...

Canker sores! I bit my lip reeeeaaaallly hard two days ago and not only do I have that, I get TWO canker sores in that spot. Not my lip is swollen from the bite and even bigger from the two canker sores. I keep biting them from being so swollen. It's a vicious cycle I tell you.

Raelyn said...

I have to many!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Hazel Dodge said...

My list runneth over, but definitely people who are under the assumption that their turn signal was an option when they bought the car. Oh, and when my son drags my guy's running shoes out into the middle of the floor- they are huge. AND that moment when I go to dry my hands and discover the dishtowel is cold and wet. Sigh.