Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trip to the Big, Smoky CA

Okay, so I was waiting and waiting to do this until I had more time, but it seems I'm running out. Yes, that happens to me with blogging, because a day or two rolls by and I have something else to blog about. So...I'm going to put our photos in tonight, a LOT of photos. :) Enjoy!

Nappers in the car

Our little bookworm

Off to the 4th of July Parade

The boys and their Dad

The very entertaining lawn chair brigade

Candy Happy Nate

The Ralph's prepare to play some serious golf

Joey's Submarine on Ralph

Eli all wet


Me; relaxed

A little game for Joe and I

Nate takes a dip

Couldn't be happier

Joe too


Little boy garden

A favorite photo

Happy Feet

Eli Jumps In

Family Swim

High Swinger

At the Park

Reading time

A little Snack

Water Break

Nate and Juneau


Hilary said...

Fun! Some of the best pictures come from summer days!

The Daileys said...

What wonderful pictures! I love the natural look to the pool and all the little faces! Thanks for the peek into your fun! Cute toes :)

Cathy said...

Wow. Your camera takes some nice pictures:) Love the bumble bee, pretty toes, and sleeping babes!

ohhollyf said...

Amanda I do remember you, we went to the Ochoa's oneday for a playday.
I kept wondering where you went, okay I'm totally adding to to my favs. This is great, keep in touch, oh and I hope you'll see me/us growing in God's grace as you read mine, Holly

Jenn said...

Hi I left a comment on your WFMW traveling tips. I thought I would look around a bit. I have three boys as well. Looks like your family had a wonderful vacation.