Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Home, sweet home!

We're back! Our trip to Cali was wonderful and eventful, and if you know me--you know I have a million photos I'm anxious to share. But that'll have to wait for tonight...I'm exhausted after a long drive and then the mess that a trip leaves a mom with. Yikes! I have laundry up to the eyeballs and everything out of it's place. Ah, most of it'll wait for morning but I should get out to my garden and do some quick harvesting.

Before I left, I took a photo of it just for fun. Here it is on July 2nd;

When we got home, my sweet husband came in from the back yard saying, "hon, you'd better go have a look at your garden." This is what I saw;

Amazing, how quickly it grew. I can't give you our secret...sorry. And, no, the horse manure is not it. I'm anxious to get this lettuce cut and share. My basil is growing like crazy, Nate's carrots more than doubled in size and Joey's broccoli will have to be thinned out again. (This part makes me so sad!) My tomato plant gained about 1/3 in size...just amazing!

You'll be hearing a lot more from me this week, including a list of my thoughts on top items to take on a road trip to keep everyone sane. :) Soon!
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Cathy said...

Yeah!! I'm so glad you're home! I missed you too! Let's get together soon.

Karyn&Kelly said...

Hope you guys had a great trip and didn't get too smoked out! Pool? Thursday? :)

Cathy said...

oh by the way...the boy that Will didn't want Emma to marry so he could still be friends with him...Joey.:) How cute is that?

The Daileys said...

So glad you had a great trip- and yeah , I hear ya on the getting home work... makes me think twice about trips sometimes...

I would love to know your secret for your garden! It sure did grow like crazy!!! I have having the hardest time with my tomatoes and beans this year.

Jenn said...

I've enjoyed my visit around your blog today. :o)

I had to leave one last comment. What fun that you have a garden. I have always wanted to grow one but I must admit that I know NOTHING about gardening so I am a little scared. :o) My parents always had one when I was a child and I think my boys would love to grow things.

Maybe in when we move to our new house we can do on next year. I will have to do some research.

You have a great blog. :o)