Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ten Things to Take on a Loooooong Trip

1. Books, books and more. We enjoyed a lot of I Spy this trip. The boys played the I Spy game with the books.
2. Grapes. Really, all snacks are a necessity. I have come to love grapes though. My sweet husband says they're the perfect food (little packets of sweet water). I love them because they aren't full of crumbs and they hydrate us.
3. Baby blankets. Perfect to roll up to make a pillow, or cover chilly legs for a rest.
4. Portable Movie Player. We LOVE ours, makes the trip go much more quickly! I have no guilt about my kids watching 4 hours of movies on a 9 hour trip.
5. Library Movies They're all new, and all free!
6. Books on Tape from the Library. The boys love 'em!
7. Baby Wipes reign forever in my car. Sticky fingers no more!
8. Hand held "games." I picked up a couple of hand held puzzles and battery operated "Connect Four" and "Battleship" for the trip. They stay in a bag especially for long trips.
9. Water. People get so thirsty!
10. Notebook and pencil. Doodle time!

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Jenn said...

We are going on vacation in a couple of weeks - thanks for the tips!