Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How does your garden grow?

Quite by accident, I'm sure. I'm basking in the aroma of the roses that our previous owners so kindly planted for us to enjoy. They're looking fabulous this year, and I can't take a bit of credit for them.

**Breaking News!! I got a new Camera!! This is a very, very happy woman you're reading here. :)**

I'm also having fun with planters this year, I must say I just never tire of color.

We picked up 1500 lady bugs at our local grocer to keep the bad bugs at bay too. I put them in a bug box overnight...

...so that my munchkins could release them in the early morning. I think they're happy settling into our yard, or a neighbors' for home.

We're also getting plenty of these, but have a tricky time getting to them before Juneau does. Puppies!

We're taking plenty of time to do lots of this;

And of course getting in plenty of this;

These bugs are frequently found in our yard;

Followed up by a little of this; (look at those squeezy lips!!)

Today we've had smoke from the California fires, it's amazing that there is enough to carry clear up here.

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