Friday, June 27, 2008

Week long update

I think it's happened at last, my camera doesn't seem to be responding to any tricks or love I can give it, I'm going to have to break down and get a new one. As you know, this makes for a very boring blog. I apologize.

This morning the boys (yes, all three boys) and I spent a half an hour finishing up a 300 piece puzzle together. We have quite the puzzle boys, and what a fun thing to do together to keep our cool while summer comes on and their daddy is on travel (coming home tonight!)

We've been busy this week; hours in the pool, Eli and I went on a "date" and I got new running shoes, a trip to the children's museum, took in "Kung Fu Panda" ( a HUGE hit with the boys), and invited a friend, Miss Caffee, who's hubby was also out of town to stay overnight with two of her three kiddos. That was a fun night for all, Caffee and I watched Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (great chick flick) and stayed up way too late chatting the night away.

I also worked more with Juneau, trying to teach this young dog new tricks- stay, heel, scrub the toilet. We all know how old dogs do with those new tricks- and this doggie ain't getting any younger. He's nearly 50 lbs now, in fact. Caffee helped me out with some tips- though they seemed to work much better for her than they did for me. Any great doggie training tips?

Even after all that fun I'm missing my best friend and can't wait to hear him pull into the drive tonight. Maybe if he's got it in him after all this travel I can talk him into a great little hike I learned of yesterday. I'll let you know... Pickles! I'll have to borrow a camera!

How boring is that? A post with no photos.


The Daileys said...

Stay, heel, scrub the toilet! LOL! I'm not that fond fo doggies of my own, but others are fun... sorry no advice here... So glad your hubby is coming home tonight and hope you get a new camera soon!

MooBeeMa said...

I'm freaking out that I may have lost my camera. It's not that great of a camera but I sure would like to find it.

Jennifer in OR said...

How was the museum? Sorry I couldn't make it, maybe next time. Good for you getting that together!!