Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Missing my Man

When R is gone, I don't want to go to bed. I'm really, really, realsleuyry tired...but I just don't want to go to bed. Last night I found Nate all curled up in R's spot and just left him there, nuzzled up next to him and fell right to sleep. Mind you I NEVER have a tough time falling asleep. Sometimes I think "Oh no, here it is at last, the night I can't fall asl..zzzzzzzzzp."

I fall asleep as soon as my light is out and glasses are on the nightstand.

But I still miss my husband.


The Daileys said...

Oh I know how you feel! For the last month that my poor hubby has been sick I have been sleeping in the guest room... if you can call it sleeping... there is something wonderful about falling asleep next to your hubby, isn't there!

Cathy said...

This was me at 1:30am...minus the Nate:)
I hear ya sista.

runninggal said...

It is so hard. I have 2 weeks without my hubby - July 6-19th - as he finished up 12 more grad credits in K-falls. Those are LONG and LONELY days/nights. But isn't just oh so fun we you get to behold him again as he walks up the driveway - DADDY's HOME!!!