Saturday, June 28, 2008

Somethin' To Blog About

I just got back from the most delicious date with my sweet husband- and I'm not talking about the food. It is a perfect summer evening, warm and balmy. We dropped off our boys with my sweet folks who surprised us by offering an overnight date. Yikes! HAVE to jump at that. Then we drove to Bend and had a fabulous, great conversation, yummy food dinner at Pine Tree Tavern. True to it's name, there is a monstrous pine tree growing up through the restaurant. Yummy dinner and then the longest stroll in Drake park all around the lake with so much good conversation I shan't need to talk for days.
Good luck
There were many sweet nothings and complimental everythings involved, and I just think I am the most loved woman in the world- and have the best husband. I love this man.

AND we get to sleep in! This is serious, stuff people. Nate is an early bird.

To my mom and dad,
Thank you so much for offering us a beautiful evening. Our boys are so happy to be with you and I'm so happy to know they're in great hands.


Cathy said...

yeah for you guys! I'm so happy that you got that wonderful 1 on 1 time! Isn't it fun to date our husbands?!:)

runninggal said...

it's funny - I don't know Ralph at all other then through your eyes and the 3 times I said, "hi Ralph" in passing. Sometime, it would be fun to meet him!! You are blessed!

Jennifer in OR said...

You lucky thing!! I'm so glad you had a getaway!

Karyn&Kelly said...

fun fun!!

Kristin said...

I was told by my marriage councelor to do those kind of overniters quartly. It is so hard to do, but oh so wonderful. I am so happy you had that time together. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"!!