Sunday, June 29, 2008

5 Years of Independance Day Memories

So the camera's not up, but do you think that should stop me? I think not! Just watch me go....

These photos are of July 2002, 2003 & 2004. They were taken in Oregon, California and Leesburg, VA.

These are more 2004 photos taken in VA, and 2005 taken in Virginia, and Maryland. Then there are 2006 photos taken in Oregon.

All of these 2006 and 2007 photos were taken in Oregon. (I couldn't NOT sneak in the sweet photo of Nate and his baby. Sorry)

I love our country. As of late I've been teaching the boys a bit about our country, how it was founded, on Whom it was founded, the inpirations, ideas and dreams for which it was founded. How many people in our country have given great service and lives to keep our country free, inside and out. How our country has been a refuge to those who needed some of that freedom.

We all know that the picture I've painted isn't all that makes up America. There is lots that I don't care to share with them just yet. I can still wholeheartedly stand today and say....with liberty, and justice for all.

We'll be traveling out of town for this fourth, but I can promise you more photos than you can shake a stick at when I return. Have a wonderful day, celebrate your independance; God Bless America!

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