Friday, May 30, 2008


Spring-dirt floors, 28 loads of laundry, stinky-puppy-gets-a-bath, (that leads to a stinky bathroom) cranky boys, no naps...all directed by a mom without enough arms. Anyone want to trade jobs, just for today?

I'm having one of a those days. I got a good start, spent good time with my Best Friend, who orchestrates this whole world, even my little beautiful mess of a house. That keeps my perspective, today is just another day in paradise.

Little did you know I'm warming you up to the introduction to a few of my friends that have recently been blogging. I guess blogging is contagious, it's a fabulous hobby.

Kristin, the mother of four wiggle worms and wife to our Worship Pastor, is hosting Stepping Heavenward. She shares insightful thoughts on parenting. Kristin is a breast cancer survivor. I am amazed at her perspective born from tragedy that has hit her life. Kristin is here with her little Josh, Nate's best friend.

My friend, Cathy has three munchkins of her own and runs a little blog entitled dancing in the rain.
She (in black and white) is aiming to enjoy life, in the midst of busy, challenging and often disappointing days here on earth. Eternity in mind...

Another friend, Julie ( a fellow runner) has a fun blog, Pounding the Pavement and you can get in a fun read a lot of how about life "as I see it"!! I also see a theme of healthy living here. :) She's making great introductions to each of her family members too.

Karyn is mother to the cupcake mentioned last week in my blog. Karyn has encouraging and witty writings, in spite of her long time battle with chronic illness. Read about her own beautiful mess...and the girl is beautiful. :) Karyn is pictured here in the camo with Aspen.

Doing this write up on my dear friends has just revealed two things to me.
I related to you how each of them has had struggle and frustration in their lives. I want you to know that I don't measure my friends or identify them with their lives' struggle, or illnesses.
I do, however, see the rich love for Our Great God in these ladies that has been deeply etched on their lives as a result of pressing into him through their life's struggle. I see deepened character, eternal perspective that has come from their experiential knowledge of God.

We all have a story. A "testimony" of pain, hardship, loss. I can see here hard and fast evidence of God; how these ladies let the pain and hardships in their lives force them to press you into our Sovereign, Ever-loving, Faithful, Kind, Gentle, Comforting Jesus. I am blessed to be surrounded by friends so rich in wisdom. Oh this stuff gives me chills!

Second thought, I need to get more photos of my friends. :)


Cathy said...

...and then there's our friend Amanda who is constantly encouraging and supportive in this crazy thing called life. who constantly amazes me as a friend, mother, wife, daughter, grounded in her love for her Savior, earnestly seeking after him! Love you!

Deb said...

There's this one too


runninggal said...

I think this little blogging group should go out to coffee so I don't just talk to you via a keyboard and a screen!!

jennifer in OR said...

How fun!! Just look at all of these Central Oregon bloggers - I agree with Julie, a coffee date is in order. :-)

Anonymous said...

I would love to get together, too. I just don't blog. Is that a requirement? :)