Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ramblin' Update

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Don't know if you heard about it, but we got rain this week. A lot of rain. Rain, in the high desert isn't all that common. I know, hard for those of you from the valley, or WA to relate. Thursday we actually drove over to Portland for Joey's annual eye exam (more on that later) and as we drove the road actually dried up and it was dry in Portland the whole day. How's that for backward? Anyhow, a little rain was fun for the boys to play in, but they had a hard time getting out of shorts to do it. Here's Eli under the eaves...gutters are optional around here.
Juneau was happy to get inside a little. Dog is chewing up our house and home these days, what did I expect? He's back to running with me again, got him all "fixed" up a few weeks ago and he's loving the run.
And did I tell you we got a Trader Joe's at long, long last? I've been so feeling like home just ain't home with out it, and I'm a sure sell for them, can't get out of that store. As I was unloading food yesterday I had to shoot this pic to show my great loyatly. To make it even better, they've just informed me that they do a "lobster hunt" in the store...each week the staff hides two lobsters for the kids to find while shopping, if they find them they get to choose a prize from a treasure box. How great is that? Entertainment while I shop? Not to mention that the store sells just TJ's stuff, so I can walk from one end to the other in just minutes, not days. Needless to say, I love TJ's. *Haze, see, I bought your yummy sheep cheese?*
And last but not least, I wanted to show off my painting from my Aunt's birthday party. Last year my Auntie Pudding (a.k.a. Margee) bought this pasta bowl and painted it for fruit, I thought it was fabulous! No more smooshed kiwis on the bottom of the bowl AND because the sides are low, the bowl advertises itself to my wee shoppers as they cruise through the kitchen looking for snacks. I love it. These, of course are schoolboy sized apples. Anyone know what to do with a kumquat?
Lest I forget Joey's appointment, he had his annual eye "muscle" exam (he's got 20/20, wears his glasses to prevent double vision due to a muscle that won't do his job) Thursday and the doc kicked us out, saying Joey's eye seems to be stabilized. Joey wears the glasses to keep him from cranking his head around to look at things. In a few years he may be able to do without the glasses, without fear of any spinal effects or long lasting muscular effects that turning his head would cause. Of course, the glasses will continue to help him keep his head straight, but Ralph and I have a disastrous combination of vision problems; the kid will have to have corrective lenses one day...let's give him a break!

Side notes...when Eli grows up he will be a dinosaur hunter & we do believe that Joe has a just barely loose tooth, oh he's so happy!

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jennifer in OR said...

Yeah for Trader Joe's!!! I almost did an ENTIRE post on TJ's - I was so, so happy to have them back. In Eugene, I was there several times a week and knew all the staff. I agree, I love that it's smaller and manageable. Didn't know about the Treasure Hunt, that's a smart idea.