Monday, April 28, 2008

Twadle-Free books

I found this great site that has recommendations for good reads for kids of all ages. The point is to move away from(twadle) books with little or no meaning, to encourage kids with books that are well written and engaging. Personally, I'm excited...very excited. The older my boys get the more I see a challenge to find good literature in the mess of dumb books. Recently, I visited Barnes & Noble in search for some good lit for my 10 year old nephew. I was disappointed to find "10 year old" twadle, stupid books. I'm sure the good stuff is out there, but I wasn't finding it on the shelf. Anyhow, now I'll know how to look. We visit the library weekly, so this will also be a good lesson in looking up books for the boys. Good reading!


Hilary said...

Does this mean you're not a fan of the Captain Underpants books? :)

The Daileys said...

I have to agree with the desire for books of substance. I'm off to check out your link. ;)