Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring is (mostly-almost) here

Our spring here is one of a different color. In April I think we had a dozen or more snow showers, and one soccer game nearly froze us to the field. However another Saturday the whole family basked in the spring sun watching Nate go after that ball and each and every one of us got sunburns on the backs of our necks. Guess I should put sunscreen in next to the gloves to remind me that you just never know around here.

It's time for sandals...I was excited to find that the pile of little socks to be paired together had shrunken by at least half today, as I waded through five loads of laundry. I detest, I loathe sock duty.

It's time for the yard, Ralph built a fence to keep Juneau safely in a part of the yard while kiddos run around, and so our entire yard isn't kissed by doggie piddle. We made a trip to Costco and picked up some huge, gorgeous bushes that turn a brilliant red in the fall, their name escapes me. We also picked up a flat of orange and yellow pansies, I just love the way our yard is falling together.

It's even time for folks brought it by today and dumped it into a wheelbarrow. I'm going to take yet another stab at gardening this year. Maybe a little horsey poop will bless it all.

It's time for early sunlight...early risers. I'm lucky if Nate sleeps until 6 a.m. these days. I take comfort in remembering that Joey did this too when he was younger, but now sleeps until 7. I'm trying to just take heart and get up with him. He's so happy so early! (and yes, we have black out shades and room darkening blinds. )

It's also a new season, Eli doesn't seem to be needing a nap these days. If we nap him, he's up and going strong until we're ready for bed around 10. Then we put him in bed and he's still awake for a bit. Not funny. He's just two and a half! But again, Joey gave up his nap at 2. Nate, on the other hand, gets really tired each day. I'm going to try napping them every other day, giving us some flexiblity in our days. In the meantime, since Joey stopped napping we've always enforced a quiet time during the day. Nate, however, would rather be deprived of food for three days than left in a room alone to entertain himself. So Eli and Nate are together for now, playing workshop with a noisy drill in the tent I set up this morning. And here I sit at the computer, think it's time to get back outside in the sun before it snows again. But really, I think we're clear until Wednesday...

PS~ Awesome puppy....still awesome.

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The Daileys said...

Funny- it must be the time of the year, but I did a spring catch-up post with lots of pictures today too... I am loving those pansies! Beautiful. And the nap ting- you are right to just kinda adjust where you need it and not get too frustrated by it- though I am missing my "me" time that used to happen during nap time too... a change in the physical seasons and in the seasons of our children.