Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rolling through Hormone-Land

You know, we ladies do NOT get it easy. Starting at about 12 years old we hit with hormones and all their friends, and they never depart, just change.

After 5 pregnancies, 3 deliveries and 6 years of nursing, I was really looking forward to a break in the ups and downs that hormones bring. I weaned Eli in August, and thought that the following months would bring a new peace. I was wrong. I got hit hard w/ hot flashes, night sweats, monster PMS (my poor family) and other things that just no one should have to deal with(my poor family). Last month though I visited with my dear cousin who recommended a vitamin, Women's Wellness....and yes, I'm promoting it. I'm amazed how quickly it calms my irritability and has leveled out how I feel in every way. (My happy family)

I'm so grateful, at times like these, to live in this era. I can only imagine riding across the country miserably on wagon train with strangers and a new husband, 7 months pregnant, only to land somewhere in the middle of nowhere, not a neighbor in sight. Then to deliver this child myself in a log cabin heated by a stove I have to keep hot. On to live through the next years raising my children, baking our bread, hand washing our clothes, bathing in the stream all while dealing with HORMONES! No internet research, no quick phone to the dr. or midwife. Maybe not even a husband that wants to hear about it. It's a wonder we made it this far....and now a mere 100 years later we have it so easy, AND wonderful doctors, scientists and others who've worked hard to make hormones easier or even obsolete.

I am a happy woman today, go ahead...stop by. My house is messy but it's warmed by the fires of our hearts, a level mommy and her happy family. Thank you, Andrew Lessman.

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