Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Grrrr...(Perspective Please!)

Disclaimer; Not hormone related.

I'll give you the short story.

Mom comes down to messy kitchen, to work on dishes & make birthday cupcakes after an extended (45 min) bedtime routine. Extra snuggle time w/ 4 year old munchkin necessary, and security conversation after he asks: "What happens if you forget me at the grocery store?" Mom says: "Chicken, Pirates have gold and diamonds for their treasure, right? Well, Mommy has four treasures. Daddy, Joey, Nate and Eli. You are my treasure. I will never forget you. If ever you can't see mommy in the store, you sit down and wait and I will find you." Nate adds: "Anyway, I'll never be alone because God is with me." Excellent!
Back to the kitchen...2 year old requests before bed milk. Mom reaches for milk and tips over salad dressing, catches it, only to realize it's caught (by her forearm) upside down- lid off- spilling into yes, the open produce drawer, all over everything in it's path, and of course, all over the floor. We're talking the oil and vinegar type.
Two year old says "Mess!" Such joy, for a two year old.
Mom asks two year old to stay out of the mess, as he gravitates toward it, of course.
Mom hollers to the rest of the waking world that she's made a gigantic mess. Subliminal message: COME help me clean up!
No one comes. Mom sighs as she fills the sink with soapy water, soap enough to attack the olive oil on the floor. The scent of balsamic vingerette with spices is wafting up to greet me. Water has it's usual effect so I head to the restroom. Come back to see 2 year old sliding across kitchen floor...."Wheee." *%(#*% Not funny.
Back to the bathroom with two year old in hand, washing off little feet, trying to be kind with my tongue, explaining just why I don't want two year olds sliding across floor.
Mom takes 2 year old and drops him in daddy's arms. "Can you watch him while I deal with this mess?"
I head back to the kitchen to the sounds of an obligatory offer for help. I refuse, angry that it's an obligatory offer, and no one jumped up to help.
Scrub, scrub, empty veg drawer, scrub, scrub.

Then it's time for my sweet 2 year old to go to bed, I get him all ready, having sweet conversation with him. Prep his music, snuggle him in and give him a million kisses. I kiss the other sleeping boys, taking 6 year-old's glasses off of his sleeping face. Hubby comes up, weary from a long day & night prior, more sweet conversation as he climbs in bed...and I realized that I'm the luckiest woman in the world, and I have four dear treasures.

Ahh, I'm in love with my life. Vinegar and all.

Now, back to those cupcakes....


Cathy said...

LOL!! AMEN, SISTER! ...I so have had those days. Our lives are "spilling" over with Blessings, aren't they? :)

Rita said...

Ahh... I remember those days. You'll be thankful at some point that you took those extra moments and that you kept your perspective (even if it's only MOST of the time) as your treasures grow and become even more cherished.

P.S. Is "Blue Like Jazz" good? It caught my eye before and I was thinking of reading it.

Hilary said...