Friday, November 9, 2007

Not funny

Ok, so getting a little on the personal side...don't know who all my readers are, so hope I don't embarrass any of you men. I just turned 33, I'm having night sweats! What?!? I'm going nuts about this. I am having other strange things happen too, I really need to get into my dr. I'm so glad to say that Ralph's new job is providing much better insurance, so I can go without wincing. Anyhow, I needed to whine a little. I'm not sleeping well, the boys are getting up daily at 5:30 & I'm unbelievably grumpy. Pulling on that last email....guess I need to go pray.


The Daileys said...

Good move going to the doc! At 34 I see many changes in my aging body too... it is always good to see your doc about that kinda thing though. Can I give you a hint? I empty a bag of unpooped popcorn into a fabric bag and sew it closed. Leave the finished product in the freezer and laeep with it on the small of your back or on your feet... it helps!

The Daileys said...

Okay, I meant "unpopped"... Is it because I am the mother of boys that spelling mistakes like that seem funny to me????