Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thoughts on discontent

Bitter Sweet

Once I was young; the children small

There was not time to finish all

The tasks, it seemed.

These things I dreamed:

A clean, still house, no urgent need,

A little time to rest and read.

Now I am older; day by day

I read the lonely hours away

The still house gleams.

These are my dreams:

A piping voice to call its need,

A hungry little mouth to feed

A tear to wipe, a hole to mend, A boundless energy to lend.

Vain, idle dreams!

My dear sister in law sent me this poem, and I have to share my thoughts.

What is it about the human condition that we have such a hard time being where we are, who we are. Why is it so hard to accept our days? We rush, rush, rush to get to tomorrow but never find it. Reminds me of the Aesop's Fable about the dog that finds a big piece of meat...when he sees the refection of his meat in the river, he goes after the other piece too and looses the one he had in his mouth. We're like that. I'll speak for myself. I'm like that.

Somedays, I just want my house to be tidy and clean like my mom's is. I want to have the luxury of a long bath and a book, alone. I want to eat my lunch in silence sometimes. I want to go shopping alone and know that I can come home and put the food away before it'll get eaten. I want to sleep through the night.

But then I remember. Before we had kids. We were bored! At my ladies Bible Studies I've learned a unique perspective from the more experienced women of grown children. I hear about how hard it is to get out of bed sometimes when no one needs you to get up. I hear about trying to fill the hours of the day, and having a hard time getting things done because there is no hurry. I hear that it can be hard to fall asleep, or sleep through the night. There is no more to dust. No need to vacuum. It's harder to cook for two, hardly worth the work sometimes.

This in mind, we mommies of little ones need to be grateful. THIS is the day that God made, and gave to us. We can celebrate if no one is horribly ill. If we can make our rent and buy groceries. Be so grateful that we have these little ones today, to play games with and clean up after. Fall into bed knowing that we should sleep well after a hard days' work.

And to those who have no little ones at home. THIS is the day that God has made, and given to you. Start your day caring for your home, your husbands. When this is done spend your self! Volunteer at a homeless shelter, go to lunch with your best friends. Make a meal for a young mom who needs help. Work in the nursery at church, hold the babies.

Now, I'm going to go tackle the fresh mountain of laundry, then play a game with my boys.

Seize the day!


The Daileys said...

Wonderful blog, Amanda! Wise words form a mommy who understands seeking perspective. Thank you for the gentle point in the direction of gratitude and trust. Well needed today ;)

Hilary said...

Lovely. Thank you.