Friday, October 12, 2007

Quiet times

So much of our day is full of rambunctious noise. I'm starting to live the realities of having three, healthy, energetic little boys. As we roll into autumn and winter, I wonder how I'll survive the long winter days here in the high desert. Of course, we'll make it. Now that he boys are getting bigger too, the movement is bigger, louder...and a little more dangerous.

At any rate, I will work hard this winter to relish the quiet moments, and today I was thrilled to see
Eli curled up to a good book. This is not unusual at our house, we read a lot. It's just so great to see a two year old "reading" on his own.

Man I love my job.


Hilary said...

I love the pictures and your commentary. Such a nice glimpse into such a happy world :)

The Daileys said...

What beautiful pictures! I am seeing those in a double frame... how precious ;) I love the rare quiet moments with boys- makes them even more valuable when they happen infrequently...