Sunday, October 21, 2007

A little cheese with your whine?

Anyone that's ever had a three year old child knows all about the whine. After two three year olds, and a few years experience, Ralph and I think we've discovered the answer to the whining!

Do you want to know our secret? "Behind every whine, is a question." says Ralph. That's it!

Son: Mom, why can't I have another cookie, he got another cookie and you got another cookie and it's nooooo fair! I'll never get another cookie for the rest of my life foreverrrr!
Mom: Do you have a question to ask me?
Son: Mom, can I please have another cookie?

Do you see how simple this is? We eventually got our kids to the point where we simply say "Try again." This cues them in to ask a question instead of whining. Now let me tell you, this is not a plan to immediately stop all whining. It's a slow habit-changing process that we have to revisit every few weeks or months. But it works, and it sure beats getting frustrated with your little ones and making the problem worse.

So the next time your little one, or a co-worker or friend begins to whine, try this;
Do you have a question for me? And remind yourself, as I do tonight, that I don't need to whine! I just need to go ask a question. Think I need to go ask for a massage....

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The Daileys said...

So simple, but so profound! I am gonna try this with my little whiners today! Thanks ;)