Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Autumn Day Book

Cleaning up the leaves of the Sycamores

Outside my window...It's still dark, and cold, cold, cold.  31' right now, and cooling off like Autumn rolls into Winter.  I haven't been working in the garden a bit, it's a bit spooky out there with giant frozen tomato plants and stalks of the Summer sunflower lying around.  The squirrels see it at a garden, yet though.  Think I'll save it for another day.  

I am thankful for... my husband.  Ralph and I have been doing some of the really, good hard work that a marriage takes (see MORE than maintenance here).  The last few months have been devoted on both our parts to spending a lot of time together, fine tuning, all that stuff.  The work has been so very hard, but last night I sat in the family room while he took the boys up to bed.  I listened to his deep voice, so tender with his little men, loving and reassuring and I'm so, so thankful for a dedicated, determined husband.  It's a good thing to appreciate your spouse, and I'm doing so with new eyes.  Man, I love that man.  

Following that, but not too closely, I'm thankful for my fabulous Naturopath.  Yesterday I snuck into her office suspecting that my cold has been lingering far too long.  I am so grateful for such a sweet little staff at her office, so grateful that they squeezed me in to get me set up to treat this sinus infection.  So thankful for all the help our family has gotten from her in the last 6 months.

Finally I'm thankful for Classical Conversations, again.  All of the wonderful community that has come from this group, all of the fun my boys have with their friends.  It's fantastic.  I'm thankful, however, that today is our last day of in-class for the year, we'll be hunkering down and focusing on Boys Noise School and Christmas-December activity now.  For a December break, I am so thankful!!

Headed to the library.  Seriously?  

From the learning rooms... we're just getting back into business.  We took the week of Thanksgiving off.  We have, for the year, however, gotten into our groove.  Into our 12th week of school, first Trimester is done!!  Our days this year consist of Bible, Scripture Memory, Prayer (please!), CC Memory Work, Geography, Story of the World: Ancient History, (my favorite!!)  Math, reading and Language Arts.  Over Christmas break I'm determined to begin the 'Latin for Children' curriculum I bought. I'm always tweaking and challenging too, and find that a bump in our life (break) is usually conducive to inspiration and good I'm expectant.  I'm also working up a new Math game.  I'll tell you about it when it's ready.  

From the kitchen...Ooo!  This is a fun one to tell you about!  I'm seeing success in my scheme to both save time and money on dinner meals.  One day I'll sit down and spell it out for you, for now here's what's happening:  each week I've been buying enough food to prepare 5 of one meal.  The first week I made 5 lasagne.  Of course we ate one that night and then I tucked the rest in the freezer.  Every three weeks I'll pull out a lasagne and I'll have a night of no cooking.  It's frugal because I was able to shop sales and buy food in bulk.  I've been doing this with different meals for three weeks.  In about 10 more weeks, we'll have FIVE nights of already prepared dinners a week, and one day a week of cooking five meals (all the same).  My goal is to reduce our grocery budget by $50-75 a week, and eventually get some lunches and breakfast in there too!!

Snuggled up and playing with Lijh in his morning-bed.

I am wearing...jammies.  It's early here yet.  And I'm thinking I need to go hit my local thrift stores for some color.  I tend to wear black, black, black in the Winter.  Trying to fight this.  Maybe I just need a scarf.  Green?  :

I am creating...a crochet blanket.  For no one in particular.  Thanks to inspiration from a friend I'm also trying to create a more detailed, homey environment around here.  I'd like more things hanging on walls.  More thrift shopping...

Boys Noise School Geography

I am 1. read my Bible and pray 2. Get ready for the day 3. Go to school 4.  Come home and rest for a month.

I am reading...Les Miserables.  Yes, I'm tackling it.  I'm 1/3 of the way through and hope to finish it before I see the movie after Christmas.  

Settlers with My Dad:  A favorite game around here lately.  

I am hoping begin semi-scheduled blogging again.  ;)  Also to start excersizing ...find something that works for me.  

I am hearing...heater humm, coffee click maker and a boy upstairs, playing quietly in his room.

Around the house...been scrubbing.  

One of my favorite things...Date night with Ralph.  Wednesdays are AWANA for the boys which provides an instant date night for us.  We usually try and go for a little dinner or coffee.  I always, always look forward to it.  And then Survivor.  I know, silly TV but I love having something to look forward to.  

A few plans for the rest of the week: school, karate, a playdate Friday, and hanging out with my husband.  Oh, and I plan to get rid of this sinus infection and be well.  

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

My Four Boys....look at all of those feet.  :)  

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So good to hear from you, my friend! I've been thinking of & missing you!