Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fresh, Hot Muffins Any Day

Muffins are a quick, easy & economical breakfast for our family...& everyone seems to be happy with a muffin & a piece of fruit.

I want to share my new trick with you, of course I think it's a moment of brilliance & I don't have many of those so I'm sharing:

When I make muffins, I double the batch. Sometimes I make two different batches at a time. Then, rather than bake them all up, I pour the batter into the muffin tin with paper cups & pop the whole tin into the freezer. When the dough cups are frozen I drop them into a ziplock & freeze up the rest of the batter the same way.

Then in the morning when I get up, I can pull 6 muffins (2/ per boy) from the freezer & pop them in the oven. I bake them at usual temp for usual time + 2 minutes, and we get fresh hot muffins any old day.

My boys LOVE it!

AND I love that I can put good, whole foods in my boys' breakfast!

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