Saturday, November 26, 2011

November Walk

The snow is gone now, but it was such a treat to have a sprinkling for a few days.  Nate and I meandered over to the river for a walk to enjoy the snowy evening.  He was on roller skates, I got to walk briskly to keep up with him.  

The neighbors Japanese Maple still has it's red leaves.  When they drop, it leaves the naked tree standing stark, colorless, in rest.

The riverside Sycamores have lost their covering.  The seed pods remain, ornaments for December to contrast against the grey blue waters.  Ours Sycamores are holding some leaves yet.  They are the last to go.  Our squirrely's are fat, racing up and down the Sycamore trunks stashing the last of my sunflower seeds and munching on frozen gourds.  

Nate still skates; Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall.

The City was covered in grey this day.  Dreary for me, not my favorite.  Since then, things have cleared up.  I'm hoping for a clear-sky winter.  

 I am still keeping my Thankful Journal.  Today I marked my 1,234th entry.

For today:
1234.  A 10-year-old, on his birthday who can hardly contain himself.
1235.  a long holiday weekend, not much to do
1236.  coffee drip
1237.  a heated home
1238.  christmas decor, all joy to these boys!
1239.  friends to share Thanksgiving with

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