Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a few of my favorite things...

Outside my window...leaves are hemming us in.  Sycamores, broad and beautiful.  Our porch is covered in pumpkin and gourd.  I love, love Autumn!

I am thankful for... my camera.  It's fine!!  A weeks' long rest in a bath of rice brought it back to life and I'm thrilled, so, so thankful!

From the learning rooms... Lots of learning games as of late.  Lots of the three r's.

Tutoring (known as teaching to the non-CC world) is going well.  I feel that after a year's experience I'm really getting in my groove and it's less work and more fun.  I'm delighted to get to know each of the 8 kiddos in the class and love watching them learn and grow.

From the kitchen...just finished two big batches of Green Chili Chicken.  My family, ALL of my family had 2nds.  Now, this is a moment in time to behold.  EVERYONE ate what I cooked for dinner.  We have a finicky boy who usually just eats veggies and fruit and bread for dinner.  But he ate tonight!  Horray!  The other batch is in the freezer.  More goodness for a rainy-too-tired-to-cook day!

I am wearing...favorite jeans and Ralphie's sweatshirt.  Comfy!  Again.

I am creating...a lesson plan for next week (right after this).

I am the Pumpkin Patch with my four boys on Friday.  :)

I am reading...The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe to the boys.  Caught in the Rebel Camp with Joey.  The Glass Castle on my own, Experiencing Jesus and Fearless.  And how to teach tin whistle for this dummy in Classical Music for Dummies.

I am hoping...that someone I'm thinking of is doing okay.

I am hearing...the hum of the heater, clock ticking, quiet.  We hit freezing last night for the first time.

Around the house...purged in the living room and shined it up last week.  This week I'm on to the laundry room.  Purge, clean, organize and decorate just a bit.   Little by little...

One of my favorite things...a few minutes of quiet.  Non-hormone days.  A good night's sleep.  Hanging out in my jammies on a Saturday morning.  A good book.  My cute husband coming home from work.  A good nap. The holidays.  A good, hard run.  A cute princess kitten. Autumn.  (Ok, a few of my favorite things....)

A few plans for the rest of the week: pumpkin patch, book sale, dog-sitting, karate.  

Here is picture thought I am sharing...
This boy is happy to read...

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Cathy said...

Um...recipe please!!! That chicken sounds like it's right up our alley.:)