Sunday, September 11, 2011

What I Did This Week:  This week was a culmination of so many weeks' work, the beginning of the school year.  We took Labor Day and started Tuesday.  The week went well!  On Wednesday we had our first day of Classical Conversations.  My class, the Apprentices, was a lovely mix of 8 boys and girls.  Two of them were mine.  :)  The class went beautifully and afterward I cried a little, so very thankful to be in this journey with like-minded mama's, to have the blessing of this academic leap I'm able to take for the boys because of Classical Conversations.  That's not all....
 We also had our first week of Awana, Karate, Soccer (the boys' dad is coaching), 2 soccer games, a small group from church that meets here, AND a birthday party.

This season is going to be relentless, but I'm buckling down with my sights set on doing it graciously and coming out with a smile.  Things will slow down soon, I hope.

Oh, and I Ran....once.

 A Book To Share?  My Bible study group has finished "Fit for the Master's Use" by F. B. Meyer and Calvary Chapel Publishing.  If you happen upon this book, snatch it up without a second thought.  It's out of print, and a treasure on pages.  We have taken months to read the teeny book and I have devoured the words and taken weeks to digest it all.  

Looking forward to:  getting in our school day groove.  We're still settling in, of course.  I look forward to a little more ease in our days, the ease of familiarity.
 Outside:  It's summer!  In September we finally have our summer heat.  I'm grateful, the tomatoes are ripening and we've had more time for river play.  We headed out for our Nature Study this week and all came back sneezing.  I'm looking forward to Autumn.

The sunflower house is collapsing, the gourds are plentiful, the corn is done.  I'm still enjoying the yard and keeping an eye on the pumpkins.

 What's new?  Her name is Mika.  She is a wee little kitten who still likes her breakfast from a medicine dropper.  We took her in 10 days ago and she's quickly become a happy part of the family.  Photos to come.

Guilty Pleasures:  Blogging.  I am sitting here with eggs in my lap. No kidding.  My 9 year old made a chocolate pie from scratch that calls for meringue.  I haven't done it before, I tried once but I'm going to try again.

At any rate, I'm finally spending a little time here at the blog, and a little time on my new Pinterest account.  Keeping in mind all the while that "much dreaming and many words are meaningless" Ecc. 5:7.  So that means for every 25 great DIY projects I see online I should do at least one.  That's what I figure.  

So I'm off with my eggs....

Do you see the red heart?  This is what I do while the boys play at the beach....find love on the rocks.  

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