Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rambling Fool

Please enjoy the photos of our Day #4 of Funschool a couple of weeks back, whilst I ramble on.

Seven days. That was the answer to the question this morning, seven more days of school before summer break. The joyous refrain lasted until I let the cat out of the bag....we are going to do backward weekends in July and August...we'll do a little school two days a week this summer. That's the plan.

Of course the boys balked at it, but we have a bit to go in order to finish off their math books, and truthfully I don't want to have to start all over again in September. So we talked of all the fun to be had over the summer, and that we'd stop here and there to study a little. Little do they know I'm hoping to get so much good reading in this summer too. We're still working through our Little House series, it's taken us nearly a year to get through so I'd like to wrap it up. Meantime I can't help but read other books...We're reading Mr. Popper's Penguins & Mrs. Piggle Wiggle (a favorite, again) also to fill in the gaps.

Summer time is lovely, a break is fantastic for lounging and getting much neglected work & wanderings done. However, I've been doing this long enough to know that it's a shame to mess up a summer with too much nothingness...I'm hoping two days will add enough contrast that we'll fully enjoy the summer. Other things on our list for the summer:

learning to carve soap figures
weeding the garden, harvesting one day
watching our silk worms turn to spin and cocoon, then be born again
a big ol' summer party the boys are planning
assigned reading (we haven't done much of this before)
more house painting (I'm 98% done with Joe's room)
library trips
bike rides
lots of ice cream and river trips

...and then this morning I was reminded that really, we only have today. This is all I can plan for. This brings me down out of my cloud of intentions to stop and pick up the pieces of our harried last weeks. I spent the last two days proctoring tests for 2nd graders (good fun) and so today is a day for getting back to normal, catching up laundry (so thankful for a loooong laundry chute) and getting Nate to the doctor.

Nate sped across our deck barefoot on Tuesday. He landed two huge splinters in his foot. I took him into urgent care Tuesday evening, they took out one splinter but the other is so deep and is quickly reddening and swelling. I'm certain there is another large chunk of wood in there, gone straight in. We've been soaking and soaking but to no avail. Poor, poor little foot, little boy.
So off to another rainy, but hope-filled day. A day for normal and goodness. A day for capturing the little joys and counting God's faithfulnesses.

What are you planning this summer?

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Hazel M. Wheeler said...

How's Nathan's foot? I hope that everything's okay and that the removal of the splinter wasn't too, too bad.

Our eyes are focused on summer,aren't they? I dare to say, more fountains for us! Lots of time in the sandbox, in the garden, playtimes with Kiddo's little friends and some days, I think I've decided, spent at the park, so we can 'land' there in the morning with lunches, snacks, books and all. Bugs, bark,dandelions... there's so much to see outdoors.