Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Little Northern Cali County Fair

Do you want to go to the fair, but NOT have tummy trouble for a week afterward from a greasy-delicious corn dog & spinny dizzy rides?
Have a seat with my littlest and his sweet cousin! We're going to the fair.

Biggest and his daddy. Don't they look-alike?

Middlest and I...don't we look alike? :)

Checking out the chickens

My three sons & the best-dad-on-the-planet.

Some BIG pig. I kept wondering how they "made" her go anywhere...?

Pure joy. I went on this ride b/c my littlest wanted to go, I couldn't bear the thought of letting him go alone. It was insane, my friends, to go on that ride at my 36 years and weak stomach. My stomach lurches just thinking of it.

Flaming hair

Cute cousins.

This is when I hadn't gone on any rides yet....I almost wet my pants laughing at my sweet-sister--in-law on this ride. Her face cracked me up. But then I went on a spinny ride, and I was so sorry I ever laughed. I felt sick for 6 days. SIX. The plane ride home sent me reeling again.

Littlest, with an ice cream cone & a monkey on his back.
Now, don't you feel that you've had a full experience going to the fair? And it's only June....
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Hilary said...

I love these pictures, all of them! Was that pig a lady-in-waiting? :)

Hazel M. Wheeler said...

Wow-- Eli and his cousin Ellie! THAT'S who he looks like.:)
Ralph and Joe,
Amanda and Nathan,
Elijah and Ellie.