Thursday, June 30, 2011

Goodbye Social Networking

That being said, I find that my blog here is a fine way to network with other like-minded mamas and folks out there.

I signed off of my Facebook account about three weeks ago. I cannot really tell you why except that I felt that for the time spent I got little out of it. I was reading about what others are doing in their days while over-thinking any comments I left lest they be mistaken for insults or criticisms. So I'm back to the old fashioned methods of communication; email and texting, telephone and dare-I-say drop in guests. THESE are my favorite. Would you like to drop in unannounced? Please do!!

After three weeks of no facebook I'm missing nothing but a pebblekeeping friend's wonderful links, and I'm still able to catch up with her over at her blog. Maybe I'll actually start leaving comments again!

Maybe I'll start regular blogging again.

I have to admit I feel that I've been going through a bit of a blogging transformation. I do love to share what we've been doing, but for some time I felt like I was trying to "show" others what we were doing (does that make sense) rather than just sharing. So I'm trying to get back to the journalistic/photosharing/authentic Amanda-ish-ness that I want my blog to be.

So here's to new seasons. I love a new start.

Now I'm off, back to try and wrap up Middlest's last stripe in his bedroom. I've painted it a mossy green with a wide, low brown stripe. I wasn't thrilled with the brown, so I'm dropping a darker brown smallish stripe right on top to add the contrast I was looking for. Next is the Littlest's room (his is a big bedroom) that will be a yellowy-orange or an orangy yellow, we'll see.

That, and I keep wandering into the nurseries when I'm out and about. I bought teeny fuschias to go in our full shade window boxes. I have 5 to plant. I have two basil, two lavendar, two peppers and two perennials to plant. I suppose I'll have to take you on a photo tour one of these days.

I stopped into the fishy shoppe across the way and bought up some Sole for dinner. I have never prepared Sole, do you have any favorite methods?

Have a lovely day, and don't find me on facebook or any of those other silly places. Instead, pack up a book and I'll fix you tea, you can walk my teeny garden with me.


Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

Hello my funny friend!!! Have you noticed that I'm sharing more links on the blog this week? 2 is more ya know. ;) I too am weaning away from FB. It actually seems to create my feelings of lonliness, seeing all the great activities in towns I no longer live in - my heart slowly grows discontent, I constantly have to water it with truth. I have had a huge year in blogging, being on the crew and a few other spots, I have no obligations now to "blog for others" and I too want to pull back and just be me - putting it out there. ;)

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

Reading blogs on the ipod is convenient - but not for the comments! I'll try to remember to read my google reader more on the computer. . . . love to ya.

Hazel M. Wheeler said...

Ah, let's make a pact! I've officially decided to leave the parenting forum for good.

It's funny, but once we decide that something isn't helping us do what we need to be doing, it's easier to let it go.

Yay for blogging, sister!

Hazel M. Wheeler said...

Oh, in regard to is a bit tricky. This fish is mostly water, but does dry out easily.

I lay it out in baking pans, then bake in a 375 degree oven.Light salt and pepper before it goes in. Check it often. A thinner fillet can cook very quickly, a thicker one can need up to 7-10 minutes. As usual, if you can stick a fork in it, twist it and it flakes (comes apart on the 'grain' of the fish) you know it's done. Overcooked sole? Not so bueno. It took me a few times to get it perfect. A light sprinkling of dill, served with a spritz of lemon, is a good thing!