Thursday, June 23, 2011

God Be Ivy

I've been peeking in on all of your blogs, friends. I haven't forgotten you, in spite of the quiet over here.

We returned last night from a trip to see family, a lovely week of swimming, laughing, yummy food, cousins, grandparents and fun. Today I'm doing laundry so I can quickly pack it up again to head South and camp on the brimming river with more grandparents, cousins, food, laughter and fishing for the boys.

In the meantime, I'm reading some really great books. My heart and mind are chewing on things constantly. Maybe I'll get an opportunity to share all of it somehow one of these days. But for today this is what is on my mind as I water the garden;

God be Ivy.

God, won't you?
Will you be that thing in my life that invades? That pops up wherever it can, smothers every piece of me? Grow in my heart at a speed I cannot comprehend, take over it all.

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