Monday, May 2, 2011

A little inspiration

I've been a little blog-a-phobic lately. So much going on in this heart and mind lately here I just haven't know what to say, where to start. And then....if you're like me, you know you get these blog posts written up in your head and then *poof* the moment is gone, words are gone and I have almost nothing to say.

But I just read a fun little post by my sweet sister, and I'm feeling normal after reading about her normal life. So I'll follow her lead and write about our weekend. No better place to start.

As you've seen in photos previous, my hard-working husband upset our yard. The whole, entire yard was tilled, trenched, and strategically mapped out with irrigation. The work was exhausting for him and stretched out longer than he thought it would take. But he made it his goal to get the sod down this weekend. You have no idea how wonderful this is for the woman who sweeps and dusts the yard-dust out of the house daily.
At any rate, that set the pace for the weekend. Husband worked long hours all week to take Friday off, he & a friend put the sod down Friday while I tottered off to a library book-sale and scored not-enough children's books for a quarter each. By Friday night, we had a yard again and I was happily staring out at a field (ok, not THAT big) of green.

And then Saturday I tended my little veggie/herb garden. I put in some new plants and worked in the front yard while boys of all sizes cruised up and down the block on bicycles. I knit, working on this cute little bag that is my first knitting project. I conquered a few tricks of the project this weekend, what a great feeling!

These pretty flowers have faded off and are giving way to iris-blooms-in-waiting. But I linger around the photos, oh, what glory flowers bring.

We are going to a new church, we've gone 3 times now and I think this may be our new church home. We go to a Saturday night service and LOVE the lazy Sunday morning that kicks off a day of rest. Big breakfast, linger on the deck in the sunshine because there are birdies to be watched and listened to. Read awhile, think on what I read. Sit on the porch & watch blobs of boys on bicycles up and down, up and down. Visit with neighbors and work on knitting project.

We have a sweet little girlie down the street, fresh out of Ethiopia. I am astonished at how in 8 months she has grown heart and soul into a chattery, sweet girl who delights in us so. She watches all day for our youngest to come and play. She loved my knitting, too. Perhaps she'll be my #2 project recipient?

Today we're back to school. The sunshine has been hidden by the clouds and the day holds new challenge and joy. I am full though, full from a weekend of resting in God's big graces in my life. I'm so very, very thankful for so much...

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561. artichokes- cozy!
563. stories, large and small
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565. 8 months in our home
566. order
569. freckled boy giving me back rubs
575. Christ on a tree
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Hilary said...

I missed you! I still miss you! :) I'm glad for the little glimpse into your weekend - keep 'em coming, friend!

Marilyn said...

Sweet Amanda. Wife, mother-teacher, wife, daughter, friend. You write of a quality life. Love you.

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

My ponderings blog has been quiet - I find the more I talk it out through my morning walks - the less I have to type when I hit the computer. Probably better that way. We grow - then go backwards - healing is painful - hope is still there - heart is still heavy.