Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Going to the Green

This week is funschool all the way. Monday consisted of an exploratory hike, into new territory for us.

Pill millipedes (sow bugs) were EVERYWHERE, this quickly became the topic of all conversations and studies. We wondered at why there were so many on the trail, what they eat, were they arthropods?

And treasure...

The West part of town

Chilly Joe.

A log, covered in pill bugs.

Joey lovingly nicknamed the sow bugs "A.T.A's," All Terrain Arthropods. (At home we learned they are Isopods.

Pill bugs and soft gun pellets....always a treasure.

Joey's pet A.T.A.

A white-tailed deer, not too shy.

Eli brought home a cash of bugs.

A homemade terrarium for our bug friends, complete with lots of decomposing leaves, new leaves and lots of moisture. Just the right habitat for pill millepedes.


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

I have never seen so many pillbugs at one time! Interesting stuff and I'm so glad you came home and did some research. The journal looks great!

Thanks so much for sharing your nature study with the OHC.

Phyllis said...

Love the nature journal page. You pill bugs look a bit different than the ones we have around here -darker and a bit larger. We don't have so many on plants either. Very interesting!

Zonnah said...

A.T.A. , made me chuckle :)