Monday, May 23, 2011

Funschool Day 2 Part B

Builders Building....did you ever see such a wonderful platform on which to build a great track? This is in our basement, and the space serves us well. The boys use it for lego toy displays, sitting on and coloring or as of today, building a long track. We are just spoiled here.
"I know Mom! I've got a great idea. I'll build a little town right around the track. I'll get the Lincoln Logs!" This building was invented by little boys, indeed.

Concentrated architect working on the outer track.

The trains are all set and staged, lego men strategically posed in there too. Gotta love mixed medium.

Not too old to play with (or maybe just stage) these "old" tracks. Trains were the passion of this boy for no less than 4 years. Good memories for me.

( I cannot wait to pain the basement a bright cheery color. Looking for a color that will brighten without much daylight...any suggestions, Please?)
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Hazel M. Wheeler said...

Hi sis,

Love the train fun. Auntie says "too cool!"

As for paint, we picked out a yellow called "candleglow" for Joaquin's room... it's perfect for what you need. The room looks lit, even when the blinds are down and the lights are low.