Monday, April 11, 2011

Without my hairbrush

Without my hairbrush I step out of the house on a quiet Saturday morning, suitcase in hand. A breeze of adventure whispers around in the air & I silently count my opening tulips as yet another gift.

Then I'm in my car, driving South to meet my sweet & true sister in a new town somewhere in the middle. We meet in the teeny old downtown and check into our ancient but charming hotel. The chatting, the pouring, the meeting begins.

We wander to a coffee shop and talk, share, laugh. When the sun is fading and breezes pick up we walk, eyes poking into the windows giggling and "ooo-ing" at this and that. Sister makes the hilarious observation; the mannequin with no clothes and missing an arm stands proudly under the sign store "Enough". Or was it "Plenty?" Memory fails but we laughed and laughed and isn't this what I love in a sister?

We wander back to the hotel with nothing to do but dine and talk more. Filling in all the spaces with the moments missed in each others' year....this is our second annual sister weekend and I cannot wait until the third.

We eat wonderful food and sip on the most lovely cherry-plum wine. Eventually we head back to our room and snicker at blown fuses and waiting in the dark for the desk clerk to finish the Ghost Tour in the hall. We talk, and talk, pour words in to our room and hearts.

Sunday was more of this; more talking, much walking. We showered and chatted more. I forgot my hairbrush but borrowed my sister's, I made it just fine. A little shopping and treasure. A hunt for the perfect lunch, and then we part, both back to our lives of plenty; homes, husbands, boys a-plenty. I'm grateful to be home and so grateful for the time I had.

It amazed me when I walked upstairs to find not one but three walls gone from the master-bedroom side of the house. The space is open and I can see only light and my husband's giant smile at his accomplished weekend. I love the new space.

I'm grateful to be home, grateful to see this morning my tulips opening to me. I was even more grateful to read said sister's post and borrow her hope for a turning point. This has been a heavy-hearted season for me but today I walked out and harvested tulips and daffodils, inviting beauty into home and heart.

I treasure every little bit of our home, this day, this moment in time God intended me for. I'm so grateful for sweet relationship in my sister.

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Cathy said...

What a special time! I'm so glad you have that kind of relationship with your sister. What a blessing it must be.