Saturday, March 5, 2011

Almost Stonehenge

Did you know there is a replica of Stonehenge right in Washington State? On a road trip the boys and I pulled over to check it out.
This replica is a monument honoring the locals who fought and gave their lives in the Great War. There are plaques citing the men who gave their lives. The boys loved reading the names and dates that these men lived. A chunk of History that brings our studies of WWI home.
Stonehenge sits just out of a small town, Maryhill Washington. It is a fact that my grandfather grew up in Mary Hill. His mother attended a church across the river you see above (the Columbia) that divides Washington and Oregon States. My grandfather rowed his mother back and forth across the Columbia so she could attend church there. I wish I could step back in time and know him then....

There is something so restful to me about this place. Calling history of the world, my own and a bit of culture and God's own big skies & creation in one place. Who would know I'd get such a treat in this part of my life. Who would know I'd feel my family ties so far from "home?" Who would know, in educating my boys, how much I would learn? How much I would open my eyes and heart to? I love this job.
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Hazel M. Wheeler said...

You know, this is near where we are camping this summer.:)
We'll have to check out the Maryhill Musuem too, hopefully. Do you know they have a collection of chess sets? (Waiting for the cribbage board exhibition to open one day.... ha ha ha. Oh, wait, that's MY house.)

Love you~~~hz