Thursday, December 9, 2010

Let the Festivities (and organization) Begin!!

School is out! I mean this in the most fun way....not that we won't still be reading aloud and playing with art, crafting and baking. We're going to tuck away our seat work for a few weeks and just sit back and enjoy the season.

I am so anxious to get some shopping started (yes, I haven't done a thing but look yet) for some Christmas gifts. I have my cards ordered and addressed, ready for stamps and lickin'. We plan to put up our tree this week & (breathe) relax and enjoy the season.

Some fun things I want to do while the boys are playing:
  1. set up our new school room...maybe even knock out some painting. I'd love to paint up a blackboard on our huge wall. This way we can use it for writing/drawing or just hang up visual aids right on top of it.
  2. sleep in.
  3. Baking with the boys. This Christmas feels really low key, and I know the boys will enjoy some cookies (and the baking of them) so I'll set a time to bake with them.
  4. read. I'd like to finish Little House and move on to the next book by January.
  5. not quite as fun, but important. I'm going to evaluate the rest of the school year...what we need to do more of and set some goals.
  6. sit on the floor and watch my boys. Play with them. Get them in my lap. They'll only be little for so long.
  7. declutter. Always good to do before the gifts come rolling in.
  8. read a book, drink more tea. No doubt.
  9. plan out our Garden Planning parties. The boys will help me to plan out the gardens this year, and I would love to have more gardening magazines and times set for our planning sessions.
  10. play games. Oh, maybe we could try and play a game everyday. That means I play WITH the boys.
For fun, below I've updated our favorite Homeschool Links. Persue and enjoy, if you like.

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