Friday, November 12, 2010

The Woodsies

A little hard work for some little boys is a good, good thing. I find that it keeps them content.
The results sometime give way to plain old fun. (Do you see two faces in there?)

We walked up and down the streets with a basket in search of treasure.

Basket of booty for boys! We tossed it all out on the table, I grabbed my glue gun and googly eyes. (I make it sound so easy...I had to go to the craft store to get the eyes, mine are packed away somewhere. I found my glue gun in my hubby's workshop. It's never that easy)

Introducing: The Woodsies
below is hockey-playing Woodsy

Nate's little Woodsie family

Eli, minus a shirt. Yes, I KNOW it's November. I know it's cold. I know they should always have shirts on...but they say they're hot! Good grief, here I am in my long johns...I have to stay on top of the shirt thing or they disappear. My boys!!
This trio Joey crafted are an American Indian family, complete with teeny rock papoose.

Our craft/keep your boys happy, interested and busy time is only complete with a little nature dance.


Steve said...

Your boys are too cute! I love the nature booty craft project...great for the imagination. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Ok. Now we are totally playing with our pine cones too this week. Soak them water? Nope. Drench them in hot glue! Oh Ya.

Lora said...

really really fun! thanks for the great and simple idea. :) love your site, too! :)

The Daileys said...

SO much fun! I just love your adventures and ideas :)