Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Moving Days

I thought I'd sit down for a minutes and drop a line. We are thrilled to say we got the keys to the house; the movers came Sunday and now the unpacking begins

We're loving the new house. Every.little.thing. Even the creeking of old floors and mysteries that are yet tobe solved, mysteries of a new home. (Does the hot tub work? Where does this door lead to? Was this a laundry chute once upon a time?) The boys are relishing the space, running from their top floor bedrooms to basement and outside. This morning I was getting ready to shower, I peeked into the backyard to see Nate out on his bike jumping a ramp Ralph made on the bb court. At 7:00 a.m. The space is just simply divine.

Of course, my nose has been to the grindstone, emptying boxes as fast as I can and finding places for each thing....everything else goes in the basement for now. A little school here and there but I started early to give grace to these next weeks.

My mom came up to help empty boxes, the boys and I are delighted to have the company (and help!)

I'll be back, posting again sometime soon. Until then...enjoy your almost Autumn! Until then, I found this photo of Eli helping out with our move from VA to OR. He's a little bigger now but man, babies are cute!!...and I wouldn't dare post that one without this sweet photo taken of the boys that same month. Just 4 short years ago. Cutie boys, don't you think?


Hazel said...

Pretty amazing indeed. Did it feel odd/different to reference the trip from Virginia to Oregon and now this one? Reflective? Your boys are beautiful, and so are you. Don't forget to take little breaks!:) xoxo

The Daileys said...

Moving in is such a wonderful time for kids! We moved 11 times as a child and each time was a wondrous adventure. Way to be a mom who lets her kids discover! Praying you experience peace and new discoveries along with them and post pictures of your new abode as you finish rooms :)

Amy said...

Woo hoo for moving! Can't wait to see your casa, lovie! yay!!!