Thursday, September 30, 2010

Monday on a Thursday Night

A Snapshot for Now:

Outside my window... autumn has arrived. The massive leaves of our twin Sycamores tumble to the ground and my porch. They are welcomed. They are a delight.

I am thinking...about humility, and the illusion of control and how the two don't mix. About how my panic of "overwhelm" is simply that illusion slipping away & how I might just get to the bottom of my overwhelm at last. (This is obviously another post)

I am thankful for...being home, being a teacher to my own boys. Thankful that I can learn so much in this role.

From the learning rooms...we're getting a new groove. New year, new house, new life, new groove. Taking school to the couch more lately, clipboards are a new favorite.

From the kitchen...meals are simple and healthy and snacks are a favorite. I cannot keep a banana in the place.

I am wearing...a new kind of humility.

I am creating...organization. Floors clear of boxes and spaces that appeal to the book reader or lego-playing boy.

I am get up early to spend time journaling. Just so you know.

I am the boys...Luke, Farmer Boy, Story of the World and I came home with a handful of Medieval books today. For me, a novel and my Bible too.

I am become old & wise.

I am hearing...the hum of my fridge and an occasional creaking of this old house, talking to me.

Around the sleeps, dog sleeps outside with the stink of skunk on him, the place is starting to feel like our family.

One of my favorite things...talking with my sisters.

A few plans for the rest of the week: school, groceries, planting some of the 100+ bulbs I bought, resting and learning.


The Daileys said...

Though your life is a settling in one right now, I love the sense of calm your posts always give me... of taking it all in and processing... of review and new directions. We all need that sometimes and you remind me of it. Blessings on this new season of your life!

Hazel said... of my favorite things to do is talking to you, too! Excited for your bulbs (get a kneeler pad) and this turning-the-corner into another good season.:)