Saturday, August 14, 2010

Slow Start

We're not launching into our school this year, we're sneaking into it.

I'd read it in a book, the suggestion to start just one thing at a time with your school year. And I LOVE it. This week we started our school back up. Having nearly two months off was plenty of unstructured sleep-in-hanging-around-in-jammies-way-too-long time. So we're back to work, but we're getting in our groove gently.

We started Math this week, and it was just right. Just doing math gave me time to get a feel for how much time it's going to take each day. It gave me time to work with each of my three boys and evaluate whether I had the right books to start with and where to start with each of them. The boys got to ease into the idea of sitting down to sit down and do some hard work with me again. We're getting into our groove. Simply.

The new school year can be really overwhelming. And I have a tenancy to start out the year with too much on the agenda, trying to fill in all the gaps with school work. I am hoping this slow start will help me to get a feel for how much work is enough.
This next week we're going to fall into penmanship, reading for the littles and spelling for the bigger. Again, it gives me time to figure out what these topics will look like for us this year, plan them carefully and figure out what kind of prep I'm needing to do.

And so I'm planning to add a little each week, a new topic. How are you starting your school year?
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Kristin said...

Even though I am not h.s. all of my kids I need to get them going on something these next few weeks before school starts. We have become bumps on a log!! Last week Jeff got his ORVA stuff. He is getting excited while he sifts through it and I am too. Josh is mad at me that he won't be home with Jeff. I'm torn with what to do. The grandparents want to pay for Emma and Josh to continue at CCS. Walked by your house yesterday and everything looks good. Praying for you and the fam as you transition to your new place.

Connie said...

That is a great idea! I am overwhelmed by starting it all at once and the time it will take. I think that approach will help me too! I'm gonna go for it!