Thursday, August 12, 2010

Indian Summer of the Heart

The call of the birds woke me up this morning, the summer sun streaming in my window and it all seemed to remind me that summer's eve is upon us. The air will soon be breathing autumn, a new season in a new place for us, but no doubt it will bring with it ornamental leaves that spin to the ground and the smell of sleeping pines, towering in the greying skies. Eve of summer...A flip on the page of the calendar announces a new year in the life of my youngest, and sets off that change for all my boys. Four, Six & Eight, on to "Five, Seven and Nine." It's in slow motion, over months that these changes come but August always pokes me and reminds me of the growing up of little boys and young men.
"Five, Seven & Nine." Those words will be foreign on my tongue awhile.

So in the midst of our slow start, we'll let summer drag out as long as we possibly can. Indian summer of the heart. Another trip to the river, another hike. Swimming every day until their lips turn blue & the fun is frozen out of it. In the midst of this move & 'temporary' living we'll momentarily forget about the changes and let the sunshine swallow us up and revel in our home out doors, taking time to really hear what summer is, in the language of nature.For there really is no such thing as temporary living. Today happens today and then it will be swallowed up by tonight. Our home is not in this little apartment, nor in the building that waits for us to fill it with furniture & laughter, but in this day. Our home is in all that we do and live and the God that we put our faith in.

This is, no doubt a struggle for me just now. I am not enjoying the in-between feeling. But for today I'll throw myself into life, tasting every last bit because I'm remembering that this day will come and go regardless of how I live in it.
I'm alternately delighted and crushed by the changes that this relocation brings to us. But the topics of home, time and the heart that wake me up and force me into putting the pout away and just living, just enjoying all that I do have. For autumn is coming...

"All humanity finds shelter
in the shadow of your wings.
You feed them from the abundance of
your own house, letting them drink from your rivers
of delight.
For you are the fountain of life,
the light by which we see."
Ps 36:7

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Pebblekeeper said...

It was learning to embrace this in between time that actually settled my heart and grew my patience and peace. Honestly it took from October to January to quit feeling sorry for leaving the land and people I loved - I met up with a mom this week that heard my sad tale in January - honestly today - I can't believe I felt that way. Silly time waster. It is where our huge journeys came from this year. We are still in temporary status, but clinging to each day - knowing that this is our normal - this is our home today - these are our opportunities now. Praying for your transition friend!