Saturday, August 7, 2010

Counting my blessing and tasting the changes

He has things up His sleeve.

I can never get over God's blessings. The little ones often surprise me more than the big. This week has presented all sorts of surprises.

We've attended a birthday party, several play dates. I had a first big meeting with CC, my husband's first week back to work. Chance meetings with kind, encouraging women that have nudged me along through the channels of finding a new normal and resting in the unknown.

When Ralph interviewed with his now employeer, I shot an email to the director of CC. Wondering if there was room for us to enroll.

She invited me to lunch.

Again, she and her kids invited us to picnic with them, I'm feeling quickly like this could be the friends we've been hoping for, the CC family that will replace the one we've hesitantly left behind.

The day that we moved to this apartment building, I took the boys down to the pool. I stepped right into the welcoming pool of women who are also transitioning. Some coming, some going, from New York to Portland, they're all on the move just like me. They congregate daily with their little ones to cool off their bodies & minds together in the cool of the waters. I was immediately absorbed and part of the ladies-in-waiting-club. What a gift! To have other women that pray and love and hurt and laugh right next door.

This move has been full of gifts. The packing will be done for us, the friends that have blessed us, the great and small provisions, the details have been cared for. God sees us. I am certain of this.

More and more I am convinced.

And I'm not talking about knowing it, but am talking about believing it. For it's one thing to know "God's on my side" and a whole different thing to breathe it. To breathe it so often that when the edge of worry comes into view, I remember Who has my back and just look away to Him because He's so Good.

Now I'm still feeling, oh, more than ever. I've struggled with just feeling in the past, wondering if it was a sign that I wasn't trusting. But feeling is good. It's tasting life, isn't it? Every flavor of the move is present; sad, excited, hopeful. I'm feeling it all.

So now I'm spending my days cruising the classified & the neighborhoods, looking for a home for us. I'm planning for our school year and ramping up to dig in a little next week. Getting my mama-teacher brain back on. I'll check back in soon!


Jeff and Sarah said...

Praise God! I'm so happy that you found fellowship right off the bat! And I'll bet that you never thought you could enjoy being uprooted so much, either. A pool at your apartment building? Fantastic! I'll take one, please! ;)

Still praying for your sweet family!


Hilary said...

I've been thinking of you & wondering how you are; thank you for updating your very interested readers. It IS one thing to believe in our heads that God is always with us, and another thing to really live it, isn't it? I'm glad you're in the middle of knowing it, dear friend :)

Kristin said...

I am so glad to read this post and hear that things are going well and you are getting connected. It has been several years since I have relocated but remember so vividly like it was yesterday the wonderful feeling of getting connected early on. I am glad they had cc there. God does take care of us and plants us just where He wants us. I'll keep praying for you and the family as you look for a house and try to settle in.