Tuesday, June 8, 2010

LEGO Quest Kids

Really, is there anything more interesting for three little LEGO-loving boys to do that a little LEGO challenge here and there? The boy's have just participated their first LEGO Quest "Wrapped Objects." The challenge was to make something with your LEGOS, then wrap it up. We enjoyed the work of it so much, and fully intend to make this challenge part of our weekly life.
And, yes, they don't wear shirts around here, much.

The boys all three enjoy LEGOS so much but sometimes we hit sort of a dead end. The toys are purchased and put together, then taken apart again, inspiration for putting them together in unique ways doesn't always come. I've been looking for a way to challenge the boys for awhile now, so you can imagine that I was happy to have discovered this blog.

Join us over at LEGO Quest Kids to see theirs and other creations hosted by Sam up in Canada. What a wonderful group to participate in!

(See the post below to see what else will be keeping us happy-busy this summer!)

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Sam said...

Yipee, I'm so glad you found Lego Quest. I am delighted your boys are participating and feel honored that your wrote a post about it!