Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm reading... just finished a sweet novel called "The Girl on Wish Lane". I really enjoyed it.
That and the boys and I'm reading Farmer Boy to the boys. I love, love the Little House series.
Now I have a long list of books I need to read. I'm intending to write down my list and see if I can work through them in the next months of summer.

Projects....I'm planning a bit of decluttering and organizing. However, this week I'm challenged to take on some character projects with my boys. Kindness, gentleness, negotiations, and Bible studies are my projects this week. A little extra boy time and love is my project.

In school...I guess I just told you. Charachter focus. I may just get to some outdoor studies and other fun stuff this week but we'll just see. Right now we're having fun playing. And reading. An interesting note...Nate is taking off on reading...on summer "break."

Recent dates...we got to go out just this evening. We went to Diego's and walked around town. I even got to pick up a new field guide...insects. :) It was dreamy.

I'm thinking...about how to pace myself, enjoy the couple of weeks I have at home and then the next little trip, off to hang out with my sweet in-laws then a friend I haven't seen in...9 years, & only once at that. Very excited! We have kept in touch through blogs and will be fun!

The boys....are enjoying summer break. Today they stuffed all their clothes with blankets and clothing and ran around like little sumo wrestlers. Then they made a store in their room and bought/sold things all afternoon.

For exersize...I have completed my 90 days of P90X! I enjoyed it so much I'm doing it again...but this time I"ll do a different program. This means new routines and different workouts. I started this morning. I love this program!

God is...redeeming.

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