Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things With Bubbles

Drawings that Joe and Nate made to contribute to Sketchy Tuesday.

The first drawing here is "Laundry Soap" by Joe

"An Astronaut Blowing Bubbles" by Nate


Pebblekeeper said...

What could me more fun than boys doing laundry and then skipping to the moon to blow bubbles? Your house must be too fun!

Kristin said...

Hi Amanda! Those were cute pictures. Your boys have great imaginations! Did you go camping with your sister? If so...did you have a good time? It would be wonderful to get together with you. I only one more week of piano lessons and couple more weeks of child care. I am looking forward to summer and having nothing to do except love on my kids and clean house, I suppose!! When is a good time for you to sneak away? I can do most evenings and have Mandi watch the kids if Michael is busy. I also can do mornings from 8:30- 10:30 except for Fridays. Have a great day!- Kristin