Monday, May 10, 2010

Let the words of my mouth....

I wish I could have a few minutes of air time to air a commercial. Or a statement, of sorts. Not that anyone would pay attention, but really!

Earlier today I took Nate to the eye doctor. In conversation (I was so glad the dr. had sweet bedside manner with my 6 year old) the doctor asked Nate, "So I guess you're in Kindergarten?"

"Yup." says Nate.
"What's your favorite thing in school?"
"Oh, um....well I guess Math. I really like math."
To which the doctor replied in a joking manner, "My two favorite subjects were lunch and recess" and he chuckled it away.

I'm sure I've heard this joke a million times and harmless as it seems, I was thinking how he, as a doctor was basically saying " school stinks" which may very well have been his experience. But still I'm you realize what you just said? You just told my sweet little 6 year old that you didn't like school.

Fast forward about 3 hours, the very same boy and I went to the store. At checkout, the cashier noticed some school supplied in our stuff. She looked at Nate with sympathy and said, "Oh man, you have to do school? That's when all the fun ends. "

What?! Oh boy, we have a skewed opinion about learning!

I quickly corrected this woman and told her how fun learning can be. I agree, sometimes it's just work ("and it's your job" I remind my little ones) but to hand the attitude to generations to come is an awful track to set them on. Oh, let's mind what we say. Little ears are listening.

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heartBe acceptable in Your sight,O LORD, my rock and my Redeemer. ~Psalm 19:14

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Hazel said...

Get the feeling these adults weren't homeschooled? It's interesting to me how many adults will confess to disliking school as a child and yet seem perfectly fine sending their children to some miserable schools. Our kids shouldn't have to wait to enjoy learning. The prevailing adult attitudes about school say it all.