Friday, May 28, 2010


We've had so much rain and hail this May, it's amazing. While I'm ready for it to dry up I know it's fantastic for our yards and all the grass we keep in this desert, and of course the wildfires that plague us come summer.

Anyhow, I slipped outside today to see what's buzzing in our backyard.

My sweet peas are already so very sweet. Nothing un-sweet about these little leaves and tendrils:

Our three year old lilacs are blooming this year...for the first time. What a dream come true!
This little spider found a home in the lower part of our treehouse. We've been watching him for a few weeks. I don't mind spiders a bit.

I had a lovely time photographing this bumble bee. These huge bees come and stuff their pockets full of pollen every year when this bush blooms. I love how he tucked himself in the petals. He moved so quickly it was tricky getting a good shot. Enjoy your long weekend!


Hazel said... the lilacs! I've been stealing sniffs from the neighborhood lilacs while I have the chance. Glad you and the boys are having some outside fun. Our peas have purple and near-magenta blossoms that are turning light and dark blue. Can't wait to see how the peas turn out. Yum.

Good for your boys to have so much life, abundant, to revel in and study from!

Cathy said...

Nice shots, A!