Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yet Another Reason I Love to Teach my boys at home

Oh, you all know why I love to homeschool right? I'm needing to post that story, but for tonight you'll get this reason.

Reason #289 that I love to homeschool:

Keeping up with the brains.

Tonight the boys and I played Pictionary together. They thought of their own words, and we had a wonderful time guessing what Eli's circles and lines together were- various dinosaurs, of course. But I was floored when Joe drew a man with a NASA shirt...then insisted that I had to keep guessing after "astronaut." What? I'm thinking? So I guessed a "Neil Armstrong." Yup, he said.

Ok, so that may not sound like much.
THEN he drew an octopus and a snail and a line connecting the two. "Invertebrates" I knew to guess...remember, I went to school this year too. But alas, I was still not close enough. "Mollusks, Mom!" Oh good gravy! Seriously!

Then it was Babe Ruth and on and on....and I decided I will not stop teaching my boys lest they pass me up and I'm out of the game, entirely.

Joe has his Encyclopedia Brown series sorted out on his bookshelf in his room. Piles sorted by "read," "partly read," and to be read. This is the eight-year old who totally fooled me on April 1st by telling me some random fact whilst reading his encyclopedia. I absolutely believed him.

I'd better read those books too, quick.

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