Monday, April 19, 2010

Sketchy Tuesday

(Eli's very Rainbow Chinook Salmon. I love how he saw the salmon and just saw color)

The boys have started up with Sketchy Tuesday with Barb over at Harmony Arts. Each week, the kids get an assignment...something to sketch.

It's a great challenge. A few weeks the topic was "something that blows in the wind." Last week was "draw something you find in a First Aid kid." This week the boys got to study the images of our state fish and then translate into their own art.
(Chinook Salmon by Joe)
When the boys are done with their art, I take photos or scan it. Then I send the art over to Barb who kindly creates a slide show of all the art submitted.

The second favorite part of the week is watching the weeks slide show. We get to look over the entries of other kids around and be inspired.
(Nate's Chinook Salmon with shark teeth, of course)
It's very fun, come join us over at Harmony Arts, let me know & we'll look for your art next Tuesday!!


Pebblekeeper said...

We have been meaning to jump into this one - Love seeing the slide shows!

Hazel said...

I noticed that Nate has both a sun and stars surrounding his "killer salmon"...does this suggest the ambiguity of day/night some underwater creatures might experience, or is it a framing technique? Very interesting...