Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Finished Product

You may remember me posting earlier photos of the tranformation of our spare room into a study/homeschool room. We have a nice sized house but our downstairs space needed the spare/guest room that was not useful for us at all. My husband had this idea to add a door that would provide access through our dining area to this room, and it's been a perfect change. I started painting it over Christmas break and finished it over Spring break. I love the color, I think it makes the room cozy and welcoming. What do you think?
This room now is home to my computer station, our homeschool books and another bookshelf. We got a sweet deal just after Christmas on two leather chairs that provide a cozy spot to sit and read or for Ralph and I to sit and chat whilt the boys are bouncing around the living room. The room has a large window that looks out over the backyard, and the trampoline which is a great place for me to sit and watch while the kids bounce away. I love, love, love this room.
While we store all of our school supplies and things in this room (Ralph put awesome shelves in the closet) I've come to realize that I simply love doing our bookwork in the cozy space of our kitchen . We like to do our memory work in this study room, but we do all our other work at the kitchen table. You can see it a little through the doorway to the right there. I use magazine boxes to keep the kids books together and portable. You can see them also in the photo above. All I want to do now is get some fun curtins up, and I'm not in a huge hurry to get that done but that will make the room finished. I'm so impressed with the work Ralph did to add this double doorway and the vision he had for it.
So yes, we no longer have a guest room, but please go ahead and come visit and we have plenty of room for you yet. You can come and cozy up in our study, have a cup of tea with me.
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Connie said...

SO so pretty! It is very cozy! I'd love to come have a cup of tea! I'm so happy for you to have that project finished and the room be so functional now!

Anonymous said...

its beautiful, amanda! i love the color!